Wednesday, February 18, 2004

etiquette for this blog

Laurie was asking for etiquette rules for this blog, specifically the comments sections. As I mentioned at the bottom of the first post, I intended the blog for friends and soul-mates, and complete strangers too. My wife reads it. I have not shared it with family. I have also not shared it with all my friends. This is not an attempt to exclude anyone, but rather reflects the fact that my inspiration for this log was to create it for my friends. I inform my family of my progress in other ways. One pal has broadened the circle by suggesting other mutual friends for me to add. I also welcome complete strangers, as this is a public blog. I would just ask that my friends not "out" me by including material that identifies me in this blog, or by sharing the blog with other people without asking me. I set up the comments section just in case people wanted to chime in. Friends are welcome to add comments, but I guess I set up the comments section to let strangers chime in if they wanted to. One person on the net contacted me saying she liked the blog and asking if she could add it to her links list. I said yes. So to answer Laurie's question, keep the personal stuff (and identifying stuff) to emails and phone calls (and personal visits!), and feel free to add comments under an assumed identity in which you urge me to join some specific (and preferably comical) religion.

Let's say you are a relative or friend who I had not told about this blog, and you stumble on it and make the connection. Obviously, in practical terms, I can't compel you to tell me, but I ask you to tell me. Thanks.

A note to other readers: You may not have been invited but you are still welcome here. I made it public so that anyone could read it. Total strangers are welcome. Invited friends are welcome. But of those invited friends, I ask you to ask me before you out me as the blog author, or share the blog with other people who already know me.